Boundary Line Surveys
Good fences in their proper location, make good neighbors. Are you building a NEW fence? Or are you simply unsure of the location of the boundary line between you and a neighbor?

Buried Facility Locating
The key to a sucessful locate, is firstly to have ALL available sources of documentation and plans respecting the location of buried facilities, and secondly having qualified and experienced staff handling the work. GEOSPARK is uniquely qualified to handle this type of work.

Construction Layout Surveys
Are you an engineering firm, construction company, pile driving contractor, home/commercial builder, or energy company? Does your project require accurate stakeout to initiate and monitor works, or post construction measurements for as-built or volume determination purposes?

Contract Field Surveying
Have you landed a large project and find yourself scrambling to pull together qualified personnel to get the job done? Count on GEOSPARK to give you a hand.

New House/Building Stakeouts
Have GEOSPARK prepare a Plot Plan (sample) to accompany your application for a development permit from the local municipality. Following approval, have GEOSPARK visit the property and stake the proposed house/building location in accordance with the setbacks specified in the Plot Plan. Count on GEOSPARK to get your new project off to the proper start.

Real Property Reports
A Real Property Report (sample) is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of significant visible improvements relative to your property boundaries. It takes the form of an illustration of the various physical features of the property, including a written statement detailing the surveyor's opinions or concerns. It can be relied upon by the buyer, the seller, the lender and the municipality as an accurate representation of the improvements on your property.

See the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association RPR Brochure for more detailed information.

Road Surveys and Other Public Works Surveys
Surveys of areas to be acquired for new roads (sample), road widenings (sample), diversions/re-alignments, drainage ditches, gravel pits, etc. are undertaken by the Provincial Government (Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation) under the authority of the Public Works Act or by the municipality under the the authority of the Municipal Government Act.

Subdivision Surveys
Subdivision surveys can be accomplished with two types of surveys/plans, depending on the specific circumstances of the project. Many homestead subdivisions (first parcel out of the quarter section) are created by the use of a Descriptive Plan (sample). However, as soon as two or more parcels required, or the boundaries are irregular, a Plan of Survey (sample) will be required. Since a Descriptive Plan involves minimal field survey work it is typically more affordable than a Plan of Survey. However, it is important to understand that with a Descriptive Plan, you will not have statutory iron posts marking the corners of the parcel and therefore if at anytime in the future you wish to know the location of the boundary, you will need to hire an Alberta Land Surveyor again.

See the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association Subdivision Brochure for more detailed information.

Tentative Plan of Subdivision
A concept plan (sample) outlining how you intend to divide your property into two or more parcels. Like many folks, you may be doing a subdivision for the first (and only) time in your life. Rely on GEOSPARK to incorporate learnings and concepts from our prior projects in order to deliver you a design that will accomodate any existing improvements, meet zoning and regulatory guidelines, and appeal to a prospective buyer.

Topographic Detail Survey